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Cooking Classes

Unlock your culinary skills and enjoyment of gourmet food and wine with Savvy Wine Food's cooking classes, where everyone has a great time together in the kitchen.

Turn Up The Heat

Have you ever wanted to bake the perfect cake (now that's good sponge), learn how to grill the perfect medium-rare steak just by feel, or how to pair your favorite wines with your favorite cheeses?

Chef Erika can help! 


Designed for beginning cooks and aspiring home chefs, she'll guide you through a fun and highly personalized culinary experience.

With Savvy Wine Food's cooking classes, you can learn the essentials of cooking, master basic sweet and savory techniques, create exquisite gourmet dishes, or whatever it is you want to learn.

So whether you're just starting out or looking to elevate your kitchen skills, our hands-on classes provide the knowledge and confidence you need to impress your family, friends and work colleagues.


Let's Get Cookin'

In a safe and collaborative environment you'll discover the joy of cooking with fresh ingredients, learn professional tips and tricks, and develop a refined palate. all while having a great time.


Contact us today to discuss ideas and collaborate on designing your cooking classe, and embark on a delicious journey to becoming a skilled home chef.

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